Software Development Team Structure: Key Roles & Responsibilities

While all of these roles are crucial at some point or another during software development, you might have some projects in your hands that can spare one or two. Ideally, though, you should have all of them on board, since they all bring unique value and specific skills to the development process and ultimate product. However, as we’ve mentioned above, it all depends on what you’re building, your specific circumstances, and your existing infrastructure. The Software Testers are known as the most important people in the software product development team.

Software engineering has become a prevalent and rewarding career option in the past two to three decades. This results from the increasing significance and usage of multiple software on computers and other devices. Yes, they do an outline and develop new codes and, in addition to that, collaborate with the internal team and stakeholders. Create and maintain technology at the back end of a website, test and debug the entire back end, etc. Each day we see a rise in new technologies, and, as a Software Developer, this calls for learning new programming languages and technologies and adapting to the continually changing environment. This is an amazing way of learning about new technologies and updating your knowledge.

Popular Types Of Software Developer Roles

You could say they work “behind the scenes” to ensure everything runs smoothly and that all features added by front-end developers work as they should. So you schedule a meeting with a software development company to discuss your needs and your vision. Their job is to break your application so your development team can fix it, and make sure it is all good to go before your end user encounters a problem.

roles in a software company

Software developers must communicate effectively with other team members and with the customer to ensure that software solutions meet customer requirements and expectations. The software developer must analyze the customer’s needs and design software solutions that meet their requirements. This involves the creation of system designs and documentation of requirements. Think of Sales Engineers as salespeople with a certain level of technical expertise. This is perfect for developers who want to expand their skills beyond coding. Generally, they use their technical skills to sell scientific or technologically advanced products to businesses.


They will create documents and compare them with the existing protocols and policies to meet the business requirements. Business analysts are also responsible to gather the entire software roles in a software company development team to create the best strategy as per the stakeholders’ needs. Unlike programmers, software engineers oversee the entire development process from start to finish.

roles in a software company

The quality assurance team is responsible for testing the product and is looking to make sure that it works, meets the client expectations, matches designer prototypes, and helps meet the company’s overall goals. In most projects, they will get to demonstrate and lead a group of client stakeholders that will use the end product in testing (called User Acceptance Testing). They’re testing the same things, but on a less granular level than each person on the product team is testing them. The Project Manager controls the activities of the software development team and is there for them whenever the development team encounters any hurdle. A project manager knows the entire project plan, moreover, he drafts the strategy in a way that the project goals are achieved within a stipulated period of time. They are also in charge of supervising the development team and effectively communicating with the stakeholders.

Role Responsibilities

The primary duty of the UI designer is to prepare, or design, the user interface. This means transferring content, style, graphics connected with a client or product to a system presentation layer. Thanks to prototyping tools, such a person can – together with a client – prepare a template of the application’s user interface. From the team members’ standpoint, it’s an enjoyable form of conducting a project because of significant degrees of autonomy, and a lack of external control elements.

roles in a software company

QA Lead, similarly, to a Team Lead, is a person accountable for proper relations between QA team members, mitigation of conflicts, praising good work, and motivating to further self-development. Many startups are too small to hire a full time VP of Engineering, but it’s still very important to get engineering culture right as early as possible. Often a CTO, Architect, VP of Engineering, or principal role, where they are in a position to lead, mentor, or serve as an example and inspiration to other members of the organization.

What are the key roles in software development?

Responsibility is no longer in performing single tasks but a bit in predicting the future and changing it. Of course becoming a senior is not an easy or quick path – it takes a lot of time and effort. Their main objective is to create the best possible team of dedicated and reliable employees as possible. Not only to recruit the most relevant new ones, but also to train the ones already employed.

roles in a software company

And experienced QA engineers design and implement quality assurance processes and procedures that help prevent defects at later stages of development. Whether you opt for Waterfall or Agile would directly impact your workflows and a software development team structure. A project management methodology you choose to go with shapes up the size of your team, the responsibilities of team members, and the relations within the team. Let’s catch up on the key facts about Waterfall and Agile and see how their peculiarities are reflected in the development team composition. To build a software system that not only works as designed but also meets the needs of its intended users, you’ll need a subject matter expert. Often, the subject matter expert in a custom software project is the client themselves.

SDLC V-Model (Software Engineering)

It is easy to customize with key duties and responsibilities for your company when hiring developers. Software developers are the creative geniuses behind every computer program or system we enjoy today. They use their technical skills to develop software that solves everyday problems.

  • Releasing a product without testing for bugs or errors in advance is a recipe for disaster, which is why software testing is one of the essential roles in a software development team.
  • Finding bright individuals from all around the country (or perhaps the globe) is no longer a challenge in today’s flat world.
  • Without a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process, your software could very well fail.
  • That’s why product owners must be analytical and creative, as well as aware of the current trends to inform the development process.
  • Software development is an amazing and interesting field that focuses on learning new things.

So, a PO is more customer-oriented, while a BA is often more focused on the project. Professional business analysts are usually qualified to take over some of a product owner’s tasks, like managing the product backlog, modeling workflows, and others. The structure of a software development team depends on a range of factors.

Step 1 – Planning

However, each development services team is set on accomplishing the same goals – Agile is a specific way to achieve them. A software engineer who is responsible for writing software to validate the quality of the application is called a QA engineer. QA engineers create test plans, manual tests, automated tests using tools and frameworks to make sure that products and processes run as expected. They create test summary report, bug reports, and take care of defect management to ensure that the end user gets a seamless user experience.

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